September Updates

Sep 19, 2020. | By: Epos

September Updates

.SG. - IM League team

Flare, Kal^, D00mGuy, Links, Stance, and welcoming our newest member LioN- are standing at a solid 3-3. Watching these games is inspiring. The team communicates constantly, and their energy maintains their strong bond. A few lost rounds only motivates this team to fight harder and help each other. On a two-game win streak, we are stoked to see what is to come in their next match up Tuesday, September 22 against kr0w has 5 lives left.

.SGE. - R6 team

Crazify, Ancient, Chayser, Xiply, and Hydrogen are just getting started. With a few games under their belt, this team is starting to feel organized and fierce. Playing Sunday September 20, keep an eye on our Twitter to find out where you can watch the match!

SG Reborn - Open League

Devy, Idrialite, GsN, Spiral, and grieving are absolutely dumpstering on kids in the CS Open with a 5-1 record. You have never seen a more collected team in heated moments. These guys are hungry to improve. See their next match on Tuesday, September 22 against JEUX Esports.

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Spiral the 18 year old prodigy

Sep 6, 2020. | By: Epos / Stump

In our very first SG podcast, we welcome CS6Spiral to talk about his experiences, his team, and his current outlook on the ESEA Open. We also have him step through a clip from the latest match and explain his thought process to take on a 1 v 4 + bomb plant on Inferno. Here is a quick look at some of the topics, so check out the cast for more!

Do you have an idol or team you look up to?

My favorite pro of all time is probably Braxton “Swag” Pierce. He’s really, really good mechanically. He’s a really smart player, and I like to bait so he kind of suits my style: bait teammates, get frags, win rounds - win games. Swag oozes that confidence and when you know somebody good hops into a server, you know they’re gonna do good… Some people in the community know me, but I want to get to the point where people know me as a good player and they need to watch out for what I’m gonna do, like Swag. Whenever he’s in the server, you just know he’s gonna do something good to win the round.

Do you feel that your play style leaves a sense of unpredictability?

I always try to do the right thing in the scenario. For the most part, I like going for gunfights and trades. I feel that I excel at every single role, at least at this level… I’m very strong with each role and each gun that I am always confident with what I’m gonna do. I feel like I’m always going to make the right play, and I trust that my teammates are going to do the right things so I can do what I want to do.

What are your short-term goals?

If I get to 15 subs on twitch, I can get the tier 1 emote. Right now, we just have the Bullet Bill emote, so another one would spice it up. Other than that, within the season, I want to make playoffs and get to Main with the boys because I know we’re definitely capable of that. Hopefully we can all improve not only as a team, but individually, so we can cut down on mistakes.

With this team, where do you see yourselves 5 years from now?

Winning the major every single time of-fucking-course. If we stay together for five years, I expect us to be in pro league by then. There’s no doubt we can go pro in probably two-three years depending on how fast we can get out of certain leagues.

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Watch the full interview here:


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Welcome to the Sleeping Giants!

Sep 1, 2020. | By: Epos

Who are we?

The Sleeping Giants never sleep! Busy streaming regularly on Twitch, designing graphics, making music, or just playing games with good company, SG is a community of all talents. We support each other by inviting self-promo, community movie nights, and all forms of positive vibes. You will easily find members that match your vibe within diverse backgrounds. Our community members often find themselves in a family at SGeSports. Our teams are still growing, so check out the about page for current information!

What can you expect from SG?


Our community is always creating new content! From short clips to marathon streams, you and your contributions may be featured with SG. We may even ask members for testimonials to feature on our site. Everyone serves an important role.


Your activity can earn you games! SG loves challenges, and small competitions may pop at any time for members to win Steam games. Challenges may be skill-based, activity-based, or random selection!


Keep in touch with our team updates and community changes! We are constantly adapting to keep the server interesting and promote involvement from all members.

How can I learn more?

Join our community! We encourage suggestions and contributors to help our growth and positivity. Keep an eye out for blog updates for our current events.

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My Experience with Sleeping Giants eSports as a Small Streamer

Aug 31, 2020. | By: Kaputuncle

My Experience with Sleeping Giants eSports as a Small Streamer

Autobiography article by one of our streaming personalities, “kaputuncle”.

So my username is kaputuncle, which is me saying I’m an inefficient uncle, and I’m a small twitch streamer. I’m currently trying to expand my horizon so I am posting on Youtube and TikTok which reach more people than Twitch can. For me, streaming is about showing your real self and having fun, and that is exactly what I’m doing.

I have been in this community for 4 months, and it has truly been enjoyable. I remember when there was a very active 10 mans server for CS:GO, that helped me meet these people, my friends. I’m happy to continue with Sleeping Giants eSports as they grow and succeed.

- kaputuncle, Content Creator

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