September Updates

September Updates

Sep 19, 2020. | By: Epos

September Updates

.SG. - IM League team

Flare, Kal^, D00mGuy, Links, Stance, and welcoming our newest member LioN- are standing at a solid 3-3. Watching these games is inspiring. The team communicates constantly, and their energy maintains their strong bond. A few lost rounds only motivates this team to fight harder and help each other. On a two-game win streak, we are stoked to see what is to come in their next match up Tuesday, September 22 against kr0w has 5 lives left.

.SGE. - R6 team

Crazify, Ancient, Chayser, Xiply, and Hydrogen are just getting started. With a few games under their belt, this team is starting to feel organized and fierce. Playing Sunday September 20, keep an eye on our Twitter to find out where you can watch the match!

SG Reborn - Open League

Devy, Idrialite, GsN, Spiral, and grieving are absolutely dumpstering on kids in the CS Open with a 5-1 record. You have never seen a more collected team in heated moments. These guys are hungry to improve. See their next match on Tuesday, September 22 against JEUX Esports.


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